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Frequently Asked Questions?

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Product FAQ's

What Are the Xcelerate Package Options & Pricing?

There are 3 package options available to purchase from Xcelerate International.


Packs Options include (each tab treats 20 Gallons/tab or 75 litres/tab):


  • $24 - 1 pack including 6 tabs - (20PV)

  • $60 - 3 pack including 18 tabs (60PV)

  • $160 - 10 pack including 60 tabs (160PV)

How much fuel/gas does each tab treat?

Each Xcelerate Fuel Tab treats 20 Gallons or 75 Litres of fuel/gas...

Can I use it on petrol & diesel engines?

Yes, you can treat any & all hydrocarbon engines including petrol, diesel, biodiesel & even propane.

What can I expect in savings/Additional Mileage?

Fuel savings will vary from vehicle to vehicle depending on age, fuel used, size & many more factors. The BEST evaluation of what your vehicle will achieve in fuel savings/additional mileage is to use it in your vehicle.


You can see real world examples & testimonials in our FB Group - GrabThTAB - Xcelerate Fuel Tabs Testimonials


If you want these similar results, head to our site & "Grab The TAB" yourself... >>> Try it for yourself <<<

Where can I buy Xcelerate Fuel Tabs?

Xcelerate Fuel Tabs can only be purchased through an Xcelerate Independant Affiliate - they are not retailed through shopfronts.

How long have these been available?

Xcelerate International was founded in April 2022 however, the product formulators Rennsli Corporation the formulator of the tabs was founded in 2008 & are pioneers in this technology. The formulators have 35 years experience in this industry...


The Patents for the product we are selling where approved in 2011.

Has the product been tested

Yes,, continuously. The original technology was developed over 30 years ago and this revolutionary fuel treatment has gone through multiple iterations of development based on feedback, case studies in real world environments ever since first developed.

Will they affect my vehicles warranty?

Absolutely not, Xcelerate Fuel Tabs are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) compliant as they are not altering the chemistry of the fuel & are undetectable in the fuel system.


The Xcelerate Fuel Tabs product is covered by our "No Harm Guarantee" & the product has never experienced an insurance claim or negative side effect in it's 30+ year history...

Is it EPA registered in the USA?

Yes, Xcelerate Fuel Tabs are EPA registered & are in fact one of the only product in direct sales that is covered by it's own EPA regstration in the name of the product sold to consumers... This is in fact a legal requirment when selling a fuel additive or catalyst in the USA.


You can find our EPA registration under EPA #234920005

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Does Xcelerate Hold Patents for the product?

Yes, Xcelerate & Rennsli Corporation hold patents for the product formulation under the following Patents.


  • US7959693B2 (USA)

  • AU2006318235B2 (AU)

  • CA2633438C (CA)

  • WO2007062330A1 (184 countries Worldwide)


There are many immitators therefore it's important to buy from an Xcelerate Independant Affiliate

Is there a safety data sheet available for the product?

Yes, we have a safety data sheet for you to use here...

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How do I purchase the tabs as a customer?

It's easy, just visit my site & order your $24 pack as a customer only.


If you wish to have it delivered monthly & not forget - check the autoship box to automate your monthly order.

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Business FAQ's

How much can I earn from the Xcelerate Referral business model?

The ability to earn from the Xcelerate Rewards/Referral plan is solely dependant on each individuals work ethics, effort, skills, commitment & dedication. It is in fact possible to earn a lucrative income from the Xcelerate Rewards Plan based on these factors & more...


If you wish to review the plan, you can access the rewards plan video >>> here <<<

Do I have to pay to join Xcelerate International?

No, there is no cost to join our FREE affiliate program. You can earn retail rewards, some fast start commisions without a purchase of any kind...


>>> Join Xcelerate for FREE today <<<

Can we promote this internationally?

Yes, Xcelerate International currently operates in 4 markets in full launch & one in pre-launch including:


Fully Launched

  • USA

  • Canada

  • Australia

  • United Kingdom



  • Philippines


Xcelerate Fuel Tabs will also be launching several other markets in the very near future.

Will I Get A Site Like This To Promote My Xcelerate Business?

Yes you will, in fact as soon as you join Xcelerate for FREE you can register for a FREE site like this to promote your new business.


You'll find a button at the bottom of the page in step #3 that says "Get Your FREE Site".

How do I get started?

Getting started is very simple & 100% Free to join.


Step #1 : Click on the "Become An Xcelerate Affiliate..." button below or

>>> here <<<


Step #2: Purchase your first packs of product (our recommended pack is the 10 pack)... so you have stock on hand to share, sample & sell.


Step #3: Create your Free marketing site in step #3... & start sharing the savings!!

Is training provided?

Absolutely, we have corporate training & many of our leadership have their own team training you can participate in... "You are in business for YOURSELF but never by YOURSELF!!"

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